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Enabling Change, Improvement & High-Impact Learning

Realex Exchange Theatre is a unique way to explore challenges and opportunities, a service exclusively brought to you by Cultural Impact. It brings greater impact to your human resource strategies through exchange theatre. It is an interactive and transformational theatre, powerful in engaging   with audience-communities on hard issues.

Our methodology more than engages the audience in mid- or post-performance discussion: we go further and beyond. This is where intellect is lured into action:

  • After watching a short scenario, spectators are coaxed into performance.
  • They are encouraged to enact an alternative narrative to what they have just seen.
  • The rationale for this is that the target audience are free to test insight or find a solution to a challenging situation.
  • Spectator becomes a "spect-actor" and through this "play" he or she may discover himself more committed to a new position.