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Nooreen Preusser

With a multidisciplinary academic background coupled with experience across a variety of professional sectors, Nooreen Preusser specializes in corporate training to strengthen performance, management and leadership ability. Having completed university degrees in science and the arts, she continues to receive certifications in a series of lifelong learning pursuits. Her professional background includes quantitative and qualitative research, theatre, education, program management and extensive interactive training of adults and teenagers. Bringing this rich diversity to her facilitated programs ensures a breadth and depth of knowledge as well as empathy for the fellow learners. Her analytical strengths allow her to deconstruct complex concepts and transform them into practical, operational steps. For example, she designs and delivers innovative learning experiences that apply the concept of genuine respect to cross-generational management, team engagement and inspired leadership.
Nooreen is Canadian and has been based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2007 to 2015 and is now based in Victoria, BC. For over twenty years, she has successfully trained and coached people in Europe as well as South East Asia on subjects that range from relationship dynamics to self awareness to leadership skills. Versatility, reliability and capability have earned her accolades from both the corporate and community-based sectors with regards to her work. The passion that drives Nooreen is sharing awareness and understanding to enable people to achieve their full potential. And, whenever she can, Nooreen pursues her interests in travel, art, theatre and loves to read literature – preferably on a beach.