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Juanita Wijnands

Juanita is Managing Partner of Ideas4Culture, a consultancy with expertise in intercultural management and organizational culture.  Ideas4Cultur based in the Netherlands and is partner of the Hofstede Centre (Finland).

In the 20 years that Juanita has been active as interculturalist she has served as consultant and facilitator on all levels in organizations, including top management.

She was born and raised in Venezuela. She has always worked for international companies, and furthermore she has worked and lived in Asia (Brunei) and Latin America (Colombia and Brasil). She has facilitated courses and training sessions in India, USA, Latin America and Europe. Juanita has developed programmes such as: Web-Based Training Modules , Moodle open-source programmes, intercultural assessment centres, facilitation programmes for Russian/Dutch politicians, competencies and skills-building modules for judges, as well as diversity programmes for one of the leading Dutch banks. She has line-management experience with turnover and revenue targets.

Juanita is a certified coach and a registered NMI mediator.