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Creating a new team culture for a better performance

Our client, a global company with HQ in Europe, needed to create a culture truly shared by two teams, one based in Malaysia and the other one at HQ. Those two teams were not only separated by thousands of kilometers, but also by a lack of a common ground and common language that had a negative impact on their collaboration and performance. Read more  

Intercultural effectiveness and collaborative leadership in action

Our client, a global company in the O&G industry with several locations in Asia Pacific, wanted to develop the intercultural and collaborative competences of its junior managers. Read more  

How mindfulness contributes to leadership

Our client, a global company in the pharmaceutics industry, wanted to help its high-potential people to understand what could limit them on their road to fulfilment and how to overcome those limits; align their perspectives on what success could mean according to the company culture and be prepared to manage effectively more difficult market conditions and/or failure. Read more

Building culture with aligned values and desired behaviors 

Our client, Lhoist Asia has recently gone through multiple changes across divisions. Cultural Impact was enlisted to deliver culture building programs as part of a broader initiative to enhance personal and team cohesion (and hence performance) within the organisation. Read more