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Intercultural effectiveness and collaborative leadership in action

The problem: Our client, a global company in the O&G industry with several locations in Asia Pacific, wanted to develop the intercultural and collaborative competences of its junior managers.

Our approach: 
We designed a custom two-day workshop intervention based on the IRC and CDP framework and our expertise about managing differences. During the two days, we used case studies brought by the participants to help them internalize the behaviors and skills related.   We developed action plans with the participants to apply those skills to their work and to provide a soldi ground for implementation and follow up. 

Key outcomes: all participants internalized the four IRC dimensions as well as the behaviors that they should adopt in difficult situations, as well as the benefits of an interest-based approach and process.  In our follow up we were able to identify progress, that resulted in more effective communication and work relationships as well as areas that needed further improvement on which, together with HR we built the next phase of program  to take place in 2015.

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