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Creating a new team culture for a better performance

The problem: Our client, a global company based in Europe, needed to create a culture truly shared by two teams, one based in Malaysia and the other one at HQ. Those two teams were not only separated by thousands of kilometers, but also by a lack of a common ground and common language that had a negative impact on their collaboration and performance.

Our approach: We used our exclusive online survey to identify the gaps between the perspectives, expectations and values at work of both teams and prepare our intervention. All stakeholders in both teams also filled out the IRC assessment. We had a first workshop with both teams, in each geographic location. During the workshops, we introduced the IRC model and group results, opened the mind of stakeholders to the differences between the cultures at play and facilitated the creation of a common language and behaviors around key corporate concepts and values.

Key outcomes: both teams defined a common ground and a first roadmap to improve communication and collaboration. A second phase of intervention to facilitate the implementation of the roadmap will take place during the first quarter of 2015.  

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