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Our approach

We put our mission into practice by using a standard consulting approach, starting with an audit of the organizational culture and performance, defining a strategy to improve the situation and then implementing this strategy and monitoring its success. What makes us unique is:                   

  • Our mix of competences: we offer a deep knowledge of intercultural and intergenerational collaboration, conflict prevention, negotiation and sales, creativity techniques, neuropsychology and leadership development;
  • Our experience: all our consultants have both a hands-on management experience, as well as a consulting and facilitating experience in leadership and organizational development in multinational organizations and start-ups, in most regions of the world;
  • Our assessment tools: we are certified for three critical behavioural assessment tools, the IRC, CDP and AEC and we complement those tools with our own proprietary Cultural Impact Online Survey;
  • We are pragmatic dreamers: turning compelling visions into performance requires being at the same time creative and down-to-earth.